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Gas Separation Membrane Materials Research
  • Highly permeable superglassy polymer membranes
  • Hydrogen-selective membrane materials
  • Thermally stable polymer membranes for CO2 separation
  • Nanoporous inorganic membrane materials
  • Water Purification Membrane Materials Research
  • Low-fouling polymer membranes for water purification using bioinspired materials
  • Highly chlorine-tolerant polymer membranes for desalination
  • Membrane fabrication using e-jet printing method
  • Low-fouling, bioinspired membrane materials for membrane-bioreactor (MBR) processes
  • Molecular Simulation Research
  • Free volume element distribution of thermally rearranged polymers
  • Gas sorption and diffusion of small gas molecules through polymer membranes
  • Water diffusion through block copolymers consisting of hydrophilic and hydrophobic domains
  • Materials design for hydrogen selective adsorption
  • Fuel Cell Research
  • Polymer electrolyte membrane materials for fuel cells
  • Investigating interfacial properties between membrane and electrode in the MEA (membrane-electrode assembly)
  • Hydrogen Storage Materials Research
  • Microporous, rigid glassy polymer materials for hydrogen storage
  • Novel carbon-silica materials for hydrogen storage
    For further information on NSEL, please contact :
    Ho Bum Park
    Professor of Energy Engineering
    Hanyang University Fusion Technology Center (FTC) Building 9th Floor 920 Seoul 133-791, Korea
    Tel : +82 (02) 2220-2338      Fax : +82 (02) 2291-5982      E-mail : badtzhb@hanyang.ac.kr     Homepage : http://nsel.hanyang.ac.kr